Houdini-created daily renders (rendered mainly in Mantra, with some in Arnold). Minor tweaks in Nuke after. This project spanned May 4th-August 15th (2017) for a total of 104 images in 104 days. Below, the images are sorted with the most recent at the top.


I began this long term project after having stumbled upon multiple Instagram C4D artists that posted incredible daily renders. I took it upon myself to begin doing the same during a time where I didn't know much about Houdini and used it as a means to teach myself a look development workflow as well as improve my proceduralism within Houdini.


The dailies I made started out as sort of "sketches" where I experimented a lot with generative art and programmatic approaches to creating an abstract outcome rather than focusing on an aesthetic. Towards the end, I transitioned into a consistent theme that I enjoyed, and you can see it in the most recent renders.


There are many of the days where I do not enjoy how the outcome turned out, but I believe this to be part of the process. Knowing that I have to spend only a bit of time on each one before I have to set it down for the day seemed to be a challenge in and of itself. That aside, there are many dailies that I do appreciate how they turned out, especially since most were made in the span of about 2-3 hours.


I didn't quite have a set number I wanted to achieve, but the stamina and discipline required to consistently complete something from start to finish everyday was another challenge that I enjoyed. Ultimately, I had to eventually wrap it up as I move on to other personal projects I want to pursue, but I may decide to come back to it at another time.


Daily Renders

Personal Project